IDEX 2019

New SwarmDiver debuts [IDEX19D2]

18 February 2019

Just a year after the launch of its original SwarmDiver product, US company Aquabotix (Stand C-026) is introducing the new SwarmDiver EDGE into its family of micro-sized underwater vehicles during NAVDEX.

SwarmDivers are ultra-portable, single-person deployable micro-unmanned hybrid vehicles capable of operating in swarms on or below the water surface. The latest SwarmDiver EDGE has been designed to provide alert of threats from manned and unmanned vehicles, including militarised vehicles and hobby drones with explosives, or swimmers planting improvised explosive devices.

Utilising a swarm of SwarmDiver EDGE vehicles equipped with high-intensity lights creates a visual boundary to act as a first-line deterrent along a shoreline, around a vessel or docking area, or near any other infrastructure of interest.

According to Aquabotix, this capability allows operators to control a swarm of many vehicles remotely, and from a safe distance, while ensuring security in the face of threats from militants or terrorist groups.

The first public demonstration of SwarmDiver EDGE will take place at NAVDEX at 18.00 on Wednesday 20 February.

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