IDEX 2019

Slipway systems make an entry [IDEX19D2]

18 February 2019

Palfinger Marine (Stand C-021) is showcasing its range of slipway and stern entry systems at NAVDEX.

Safety considerations mean that small boat operations using conventional launch and recovery solutions are often constrained by sea state and weather conditions.

According to Palfinger Marine, the company’s slipway systems eliminate all use of hooks, painter lines, arrester wires or other mechanical connections, so reducing the risk of hazard during the launch and recovery of ‘daughter’ craft.

Slipway systems also offer very fast launch and recovery in emergency situations.

Slipway/stern entry systems are customised, and available with quad- or single-wheel drive, or boat cradle. Tilting wheel units automatically adapt to the hull shape of the craft entering the slipway. They can handle craft with different hull shapes, propulsion systems and weights (including unmanned surface vessels and autonomous underwater vehicles).

Systems can be designed to handle multiple craft, and perform transfer of a craft from the slipway to a stowage position on the mother vessel.

Ease of use is another discriminator. Systems require only a single operator, and are intuitive to use, enabling vessel personnel to become proficient in a short space of time.

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