IDEX 2019

JLTV enters US Army service [IDEX19D2]

18 February 2019

Oshkosh Corporation (Stand 03-B25, US Pavilion) has brought its latest Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), which is now in production for the US armed forces.

JLTV is the long-term replacement for some of the currently deployed AM General High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), with the US Army already equipping its first unit with this vehicle.

It is available in two-door and four-door variants and in the utility, general-purpose, combat weapon carrier and heavy gun carrier configurations.

JLTV can be configured with many weapon systems depending on the mission or threat environment. An optional turret supports standard weapon mounts for 7.62mm manned or remotely operated machine guns, or for a variety of cannon and tube launched missile systems. In addition, side- and rear-mounted weapons from a wide variety of manufacturers are seamlessly supported.

The JLTV General Purpose being exhibited at IDEX this year is fitted with an Australian EOS R-400S-MK2 remote weapon station, armed with a Northrop Grumman M230LF 30mm lightweight ‘Chain Gun’.

The JLTV is currently in low-rate initial production under a contract for 16,901 vehicles awarded in August 2015, with production running at about 15 vehicles a day, but this could be increased to 40 a day if required. A full-rate production decision is expected in the future.

In addition to being used by the US Army, the JLTV will also be deployed by the US Marine Corps and US Air Force.

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