IDEX 2019

Safety in combat diving [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

UK company JFD (IGG Stand 04- C20), an underwater capability provider serving the commercial and defence diving markets and part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has announced the launch of its Shadow/B defence rebreather, providing the market with a back-mounted rebreather capability, from its established product line, for the first time. Combined with a conversion kit that allows divers to convert from a front-mounted to a back-mounted rebreather, the launch of the Shadow/B represents the latest in a long line of technological developments designed to enhance safety in military combat diving.

Traditionally, rebreather sets worn by combat divers are front-mounted, which prevents the diver from being able to pilot the swimmer delivery vehicles (SDVs) that would facilitate their insertion into the operational field, creating the necessity to purchase multiple rebreather sets for the dive team.

The modular Shadow/B set and conversion option allows divers to adapt their equipment to best suit mission requirements, allowing them to carry out their operations safely and efficiently.

Shadow/B follows on from the recent launch of Shadow NAV, an advanced combat diver navigation module. The Shadow NAV is fitted to a diver’s standard half mask and provides a clear visual display of a combat diver’s compass heading, depth and time, even in near-zero visibility conditions. The Shadow NAV represents a leap forward in capability for combat divers by ensuring they have continual visibility of accurate information.

JFD is working with the world’s leading navies in the provision of a comprehensive, total Special Forces capability, from rebreathers through to SDVs, as well as their integration with operational platforms.

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