IDEX 2019

Venom spits fire [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

Slovenian company Valhalla is presenting its Midgard 300 Lite remote-controlled weapon station (RCWS) configured with the Venom 30mm gun at IDEX.

Being displayed by the International Golden Group (Stand 04-C20) in the UAE Pavilion, the ultra-low profile Midgard 300 Lite RCWS has been designed to provide fire support for all types of armoured vehicles.

While the Midgard 300 Lite retains the high elevation firing capability of Valhalla’s original Midgard 300 RCWS, the reengineering effort has reduced the mass of the mount and simplified the ammunition feed.

A derivative of the Aden 30mm cannon, Venom is a gas-operated, electrically primed 30x113mm revolver gun designed and manufactured by UK-based AEI Systems. According to the company, Venom offers an effective range out to 2,000m and selectable rates of fire (single shot, 220rpm or fully automatic 1,300rpm).

UK firing trials, using EXPAL’s 30x113 mm TP ammunition, were successfully completed in October 2018 on Salisbury Plain.

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