IDEX 2019

Observing from on high [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

Hisdesat (Stand 12-C20C) is showcasing its portfolio of new-generation satellites in the Spanish Pavilion. Intended to improve and provide greater flexibility and security to communications in the X- and military Ka-bands, Hisdesat has SpainSat and Xtar-Eur. These platforms provide communications coverage of more than two-thirds of the Earth.

The company’s Earth observation system comprises the Paz and Ingenio satellites, launched in 2018, which use radar and optics respectively to enable applications such as border control, environmental and natural resources protection, intelligence, international treaty verification and military operations. The satellite system can also be used to monitor urban and infrastructure planning, in the assessment of natural disasters, and to provide high-resolution mapping.

Hisdesat’s system for maritime traffic is based on the AIS satellite constellation, which provides for monitoring 100,000 vessels that are equipped with the system in real time, anywhere in the world.

This information is invaluable to government, maritime, port and other authorities. Importantly, the AIS solution ensures the viability of the comprehensive concept of maritime safety, as well as reducing environmental impact, said the company.

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