IDEX 2019

Keeping a look out [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

HGH Infrared Systems (Stand 07- B25) is showcasing the latest developments in its SPYNEL family of thermal imaging surveillance systems at IDEX.

Developed to provide panoramic 360° surveillance and situational awareness on land or at sea, SPYNEL systems combine infrared sensor technology with advanced motion detection software to provide robust detection, identification and tracking for a range of defence and security applications. These include border surveillance, forward operating base surveillance, protection of critical infrastructure such as ports and airports, counter-piracy, naval ship force protection, and offshore platform security.

SPYNEL infrared search and track systems are completely passive, lightweight and compact, and can be fully operational within minutes. The associated Cyclope motion detection software includes the latest innovations in panoramic image processing, automatic detection, tracking, identification and classification algorithms.

HGH Infrared Systems has developed a family of five scaled SPYNEL solutions tailored to different user requirements. All are designed for military use, and are therefore sufficiently rugged to operate in the harshest conditions and extreme temperatures. At the top of the range, SPYNEL-X is a high definition infrared search and track system, while SPYNEL-S is a 360° panoramic detection system. Both are based on cooled midwave infrared sensor technology.

With the new V-LRF (visible channel/laser rangefinder) option, the company has introduced two advanced features to further enhance the utility of SPYNEL-X and SPYNEL-S. The first is a visible channel option, based on a high-definition camera with a continuous optical zoom, which allows the operator to zoom in on a contact of interest during the identification phase.

The second new feature is an eyesafe laser rangefinder.

This provides precise ranging of detected threats on land, at sea or in the air, regardless of their size.

The new V-LRF option is integrated into one single SPYNEL sensor head - a package the company says will improve SPYNEL detection and tracking performance against small targets such as drones.

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