IDEX 2019

Precision effect [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

Arnold Defense (Stand 05-A05) is showing its Fletcher vehicle-mounted 2.75in Laser Guided Rocket Launcher (LGRL) integrated onto a NIMR Automotive Ajban Long Range Special Operations Vehicle (LRSOV) at IDEX for the first time. The Fletcher LGRL has now completed rigorous test-firing protocols with laser target designation from both ground and air platforms at various angles and offsets to a distance of nearly 6km.

According to the company, it is now in initial production.

The Fletcher weapon system includes the platform, pods of four 2.75in laser-guided rockets and a laser designator. The rockets can be supplied with various warheads including high-explosive, which enables a wide range of targets to be engaged with a precision effect at ranges of around 5km. Targets could be designated by the platform itself or by another platform, unmanned aerial vehicle or helicopter.

According to Arnold Defense, following exceptional levels of interest, the company is now developing a number of concepts that will expand Fletcher’s utility into the area of unmanned ground vehicles, naval and littoral platforms. It is expected that the first of these integrated systems will be unveiled within months.

Arnold Defence has manufactured more than 1.1 million 2.75in rocket launchers since 1961 for the US market and many overseas customers. These include the M260 (seven-round) and M261 (19-round) used by US Army helicopters and the thermal coated LAU-68 (seven-round) and LAU-61 (seven-round) digital rocket launchers plus flare dispensers used by the US Navy.

A recent development is the ultra-lightweight LWL-12 launcher, which weighs just over 27kg when empty.

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