IDEX 2019

On the right path [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

WesCom Defence (German Pavilion, Stand 09-A05), a leading specialist in pyrotechnic products for signalling, illumination, minefield breaching and training and simulation, as well as gas pressure generators, for both civil and military applications, is making its debut at IDEX this year.

The company is part of WesCom Signal and Rescue, a marine distress signals company.

On display at the stand is a selection of key products from the current range, illustrating the use of applied pyrotechnology, paired with mechanical engineering, a fundamental knowledge of inner and outer ballistics and the chemical engineering of smoke, illuminating, effect, delay, propulsion and ejection compositions, which has enabled the company to develop an extensive range of technologically advanced and innovative products. Holger Mügge, director of business development and sales, commented: “We have been delivering advanced pyrotechnic technology in the defence and security industry for over five decades and our commitment to research and development continues to optimise our range of products and service. We look forward to the opportunity to showcase this to attendees of exhibitions from around the world.”

The ManPAD Simulator replicates the launch and flight path of a ground-to-air missile.

Upon ignition, it provides a blast, a flare and a white smoke trail that lasts for about 10 seconds to create an exact indication of a missile’s flight path, allowing the direction from which a threat comes to be visible.

By contrast, the MERS Illumination Rocket has a minimal signature at initiation, with no visible signature throughout flight.

This smokeless rocket provides concealment from detection of the launch and is suitable for carrying various payloads that could be parachute suspended for large area illumination or free-falling flares for signalling purposes. Finally, the MECoSt Simulator Impact/ Thunderflash creates a fragmentand debris-free simulation of a grenade impact and features an uncocked striker mechanism.

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