IDEX 2019

Enhancing vehicle survivability [IDEX19D1]

17 February 2019

French countermeasures and pyrotechnics specialist Lacroix (Stand 07-B47) has brought its latest Galix AOS (Automatic Obscurant System) vehicle self-protection suite to IDEX.

Lacroix has been supplying the Galix self-protection systems to land forces around the world, for more than three decades. Around 3,000 vehicles in the UAE are equipped with Galix, and more than 6,000 across the Middle East/ North Africa (MENA) region as a whole, including the Leclerc, M113, M109, Aravis, MPCV, BMP-3, Piranha and LAV3.

Galix dispenses obscurants to effect ‘masking’ in the optical, laser and infrared (0.8-14μm) wavebands. The latest Galix AOS builds on this pedigree to provide land forces with a highly automated, quick-reaction (one second) ‘smart’ survivability system fully integrated with the host vehicle battle management system. Performing automatic threat detection, situation analysis and soft-kill obscuration, the system can be fitted onto any type of military vehicle (armoured or unarmoured) from new or as a retrofit.

To present its vision of soft-kill vehicle self-protection, Lacroix will be hosting an immersive 3D demonstration on its stand. Galix AOS will also be mounted on the new AJBAN 447A vehicle being displayed by NIMR (Stand 05-A05).

Lacroix and NIMR have been co-operating on the integration of Galix self-protection systems on various vehicle types. In addition, in 2015, Lacroix established a joint venture in the UAE with local partner Emirates Defense Technology (EDT). Known as EDS (Emirates Defence Services), the company has been set up to provide maintenance and support services for Lacroix products, and a range of defence-related services and solutions across the region.

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