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Way Industries updates Bozena mine-clearance UGVs

04 February 2019

The Bozena 4+ mine-clearance UGV features a range of improvements including extended operating endurance. Source: Miroslav Gyürösi

Slovakia's Way Industries has updated its Bozena family of tracked mine-clearing, counter-disposal unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) with the Bozena 4+ and Bozena 5+ systems.

The Bozena 4+ UGV features a wider chassis equipped with an improved cooling system, along with a more efficient flail unit. According to company specifications, the vehicle has an overall length of 5,200 mm with the prime mover and detachable flail system measuring 3,290 mm and 2,000 mm long, respectively. Overall width is quoted as 2,840 mm with the flail unit equipped.

The UGV's prime mover weighs 5,576 kg, although this increases to 6,983 kg with the flail unit. The latter is capable of clearing a 2,225 mm wide route - an increase of 225 mm over the original model - up to a depth of 250 mm, with an increased clearance speed of 3,500 m 2 /h depending on ground and terrain conditions. It is designed to withstand a mine blast equivalent of up to 9 kg TNT.

A DEUTZ BF 6L914 engine provides a maximum output of 110 kw, which enables the UGV to attain a maximum speed of 9 km/h. The engine has an average consumption of 19.5 litre/h and is fed by a 140-litre fuel tank.

The vehicle can be remotely controlled up to a maximum command radius of 2,000 m, while an improved battery supports up to 14 hours of operation.

Way Industries has also incorporated a host of enhancements into the Bozena 5 UGV. The updated vehicle, now designated the Bozena 5+, features an improved flail or tiller system and other minor revisions aimed at boosting its reliability and maintainability.

The Bozena 5+'s prime mover measures 4,500 mm long with an overall width of 2,420 mm, inclusive of its 410 mm wide tracks, and has a height of 2,560 mm.

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