Military Capabilities

Neither NATO nor EU would offer the security for Poland of a US base, say officials

30 January 2019

As the administration of US President Donald Trump prepares to decide on the issue in March, Polish officials argued that only a permanent US military base on their territory would offer a reliable external guarantee of its security.

During the unveiling of a new report, 'Fort Trump or bust' by Paul Taylor, a senior fellow at Brussels-based think-tank Friends of Europe (FoE), on 28 January, Polish officials cited lingering historical distrust towards other European capitals, as well as doubts about whether NATO would trigger its Article 5 mutual defence clause on Warsaw''s behalf.

"Poland will always be sceptical of Europe because of 1939 [when France and the UK declined to help Poland after it was invaded by Germany and the Soviet Union], and we all share a bit of this view," said Anna Maria Anders, Polish senator and ambassador for her country's international dialogue.

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