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Elbit Systems UK completes delivery of Joint Fires Mobile Trainer simulator to the British Army

29 January 2019

The JFMT has been delivered and is now in service with the 1st Artillery Brigade. Source: Elbit Systems UK

Elbit Systems UK has delivered a mobile close air support (CAS) and joint fires simulator to the British Army, the company announced on 24 January. The simulator was developed by Elbit Systems and QuantaDyn Corporation in response to a requirement to provide the 1st Artillery Brigade with a bespoke simulator.

The system will be known as the Joint Fires Mobile Trainer (JFMT) in British Army service and will provide a training capability to Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) and Fire Support Teams (FSTs) within the artillery brigade.

JFMT is based upon the UK Joint Service Publication (JSP_ 918 Joint Terminal Attack Controller Policy) and the system has been accredited by the Joint Air Land Organisation (JALO) for a variety of training simulations including Type I, II, III, LASER, Day, Night aided, and Night unaided.

JFMT is also designed to incorporate mission briefs, during action reviews (DARs), and after-action reviews (AARs). A four-person debrief area is located to the rear of the simulator and uses a monitor screen that displays briefing documents as well as recorded missions for AARs. The system is comprised of a trainee station with a separate instructor/operator station (IOS) as well as a pilot station console. The system enables the use of in-service night vision devices, in addition to emulated equipment such as laser designators, radios, and binoculars through the use of multi-spectral image generation.

The JFMT is designed as a fully serviced training package that can be housed within a standard 20-ft trailer, capable of being deployed and recovered by vehicles. In British Army service, JFMT will be mounted on a UK road-legal trailer that can be moved between multiple training sites.

QuantaDyn said in a statement that emulated equipment included the LF28A LTD, Stabilised Portable Optical Tracking Receiver (SPOTTR), binoculars, Infrared Zoom Laser Illuminator (IZLID) 1000 infrared Pointer, long-range thermal viewer (LRTV), and a Defence Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR).

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