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Nammo’s latest 155 mm ammunition begins production

25 January 2019

Latest Nammo 155 mm IM HE-ER (NM 269) artillery projectile can be fired from a range of artillery systems, including the South Korean K9 Thunder ordered by Finland. Source: IHS Markit/Peter Felstead

Finland's Nammo has confirmed that, following qualification, production of its latest 155 mm Insensitive Munition High-Explosive Extended Range (IM HE-ER) artillery projectile has commenced. The round has been designated as the NM 269.

Compared with standard 155 mm artillery projectiles, Nammo said the latest IM HE-ER has a more streamlined shape and an enhanced blast effect designed to defeat armour and soft targets.

While many countries are now demanding that all munitions, including 155 mm artillery projectiles, are IM compliant, some export customers still prefer projectiles filled with conventional HE.

Trials have shown that the 155 mm IM HE-ER projectile has a lower dispersion than conventional 155 mm HE projectiles, which can mean that fewer rounds are required to neutralise a target and there is less collateral damage.

Nammo is marketing its 155 mm IM HE-ER projectiles with an interchangeable base bleed (BB) unit or a hollow base (HB) unit.

It can be fired from 155 mm 39- and 52-calibre towed and self-propelled artillery weapons whose ordnance meet the NATO Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding (JBMOU).

The 155 mm IM HE-ER projectiles are complemented by illuminating, smoke, and practice projectiles, which also have interchangeable BB or HB units. The 155 mm illuminating projectile is available in two versions: white light and infrared (IR), with the former lasting 60 seconds and the latter 90 seconds.

The 155 mm illuminating contains three red phosphorous canisters that have brake flaps, which are claimed to make them effective in deep snow and marsh.

The 155 mm training projectile has been qualified and is available in two versions: inert with no energetics or a small explosive spotting charge.

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