Terrorism & Insurgency

Magnitogorsk explosions likely to indicate wider terrorism threat from small Jihadist cells in major Russian cities

03 January 2019


On 31 December 2018, at about 0600 local time, an explosion occurred at an apartment block in Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region; the explosion and the building's partial collapse killed 38 and injured 19.

The official explanation remains that this was caused by a gas explosion. Separately, on the evening of 1 January 2019, a minibus exploded on a nearby street, killing three men. The authorities claimed this was caused by a natural gas tank malfunction. Video footage was released, purportedly showing the minibus on fire, but probable high-velocity gunfire could also be heard. Local media, including and, claimed, citing anonymous sources in the law enforcement agencies, that both explosions were terrorism-linked.

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