Naval Weapons

Russia’s Pacific Fleet prepares to receive first Kalibr-equipped vessels

21 December 2018

Russian Pacific Fleet commander Admiral Sergei Avakyants has outlined ambitious plans to introduce modern Kalibr cruise missiles on more than 20 ships and submarines.

Speaking to Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda , Adm Avakyants said the Project 20385 Steregushchiy II-class frigate Gremyashchiy will be the first Pacific Fleet ship outfitted with 3M-14 and 3M-54 Kalibr land-attack and anti-ship cruise missiles. Gremyashchiy is expected to begin factory testing imminently. Eight Project 20385 frigates are planned to be acquired.

In addition, four Project 22800 Karakurt-class small missile ships equipped with Kalibr missiles and P-800 Oniks anti-ship cruise missiles are expected to enter the Pacific Fleet in the early 2020s, the admiral said.

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