Air Platforms

J-15D has reportedly begun operational testing for PLANAF

21 December 2018

A recent video of a two-seat Shenyang J-15 has raised speculation that this variant of the carrier-capable fighter is entering operational testing. The footage, which was broadcast on state-run CCTV, shows the aircraft painted in camouflage and not in factory primer or with distinctive flight test markings on the fuselage as in previous reports.

The aircraft, which has been designated the J-15D, has previously been described as an electronic attack platform that would mirror the function of the US Navy's Boeing EA-18G Growler. It has been seen flying with what appears to be variants of the same CETC KG600 electronic warfare (EW) wingtip pods that are fitted to the two-seat Shenyang J-16D aircraft that are optimised for suppression of enemy air-defence (SEAD) missions.

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