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Brazil upgrading Bahia LPD’s navigation, electronic warfare systems

17 December 2018

The Brazilian Navy is to upgrade its NDM Bahia (G 40) multi-purpose landing dock platform (LPD) with new surface navigation and electronic warfare systems, Jane's has learned.Bahia was purchased from the French Navy in 2015 and is now being upgraded for Brazilian service. (Victor Barreira)Bahia was purchased from the French Navy in 2015 and is now being upgraded for Brazilian service. (Victor Barreira)

A Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT250 navigation radar will replace the existing DRBN34A navigation radar (French designation for the Decca 1229). The ship was received from France with its two original DRBN34As, one for navigation and another for helicopter approach. Bahia is also equipped with a single DRBV21A search radar system that incorporates identification friend or foe (IFF) capability.

The Defensor Mk3 electronic support measures (ESM) system, which was developed by Brazil's Navy Research Institute (IPqM), will be installed for identifying radar emitters in a given electromagnetic environment. The system is essentially comprised of antenna, processing unit, and operator interface units.

Two mounts armed with 20×139 mm Modèle F2 cannon were previously replaced by 20 mm Oerlikon GAM-B01 mounts armed Oerlikon KAA cannon firing 20×128 mm ammunition. Bahia is also armed with one Modèle F2 cannon mount, two SIMBAD surface-to-air missile launchers for MISTRAL 1 VSHORAD missiles, and four 12.7 mm M2 HB machine gun protected mounts.

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  • Mk 20 Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS)

    Type Naval Fire-Control System (FCS). Development In 2005, following a competitive procurement process, Kollmorgen Electro-Optical (acquired by L-3 Communications in February 2012 and now operating as L-3 KEO) was chosen to provide the US Navy (USN) with an EOSS as part of the CG-47