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Almaz-Antey details new Viking air-defence system

05 December 2018

The Buk-M3 (9K317M) mobile 9A317M launcher. Almaz-Antey has developed an export variant of this system designated 9K317E Viking. Source: N. Novichkov

Russian air-defence systems manufacturer Almaz-Antey has disclosed detail of the new export variant of its Buk-M3 (SA-11, NATO: Gadfly) surface-to-air missile (SAM) system: the 9K317E Viking system.

According to the company, the 9K317E Viking SAM system can simultaneously engage up to 36 targets, and "is designed to engage cruise missile, frontline and strategic aircraft, high-precision weapons, stealth targets, rotary-wing platforms [including hovering], and radio-emitting surface and ground targets in contested areas."

In its baseline configuration, the Viking system comprises a 9S510ME command-and-control post, target detection system, up to six 9S36ME radars, up to six 9A317ME transport-erector launchers (TELs), up to 12 9A316 self-propelled launchers, and 9M317ME interceptor.

The 9K317E interceptor system can engage combat aircraft at a distance of 60 km, helicopters <60 km, stealth aircraft <40 km, tactical ballistic missiles <25 km, cruise missiles <20 km, ground and surface radar-emitting targets <15 km, and hovering helicopters <12 km.

The 9A317ME TEL is armed with six interceptors, while the 9A316ME self-propelled launcher carries 12 interceptors. The whole system has a reaction time of no more than 10─12 seconds and a combat readiness time of 5─10 minutes, Almaz-Antey source told Jane's .

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