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Latest Peruvian patrol boats to receive Escribano turrets

04 December 2018

The Peruvian Navy has selected turret systems from Spanish company Escribano Mechanical and Engineering for its next two PGCP-50 coastguard patrol boats.

The turrets will equip the fifth and sixth vessels of the Rio Pativilca class, which are being built by state-run Peruvian shipyard Servicios Industriales de la Marina (SIMA) at its Chimbote facilities.

Earlier ships in the 55 m, 500 tonne class have been equipped with the 30 mm Typhoon and Mini Typhoon from Israeli group Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

SIMA Peru and the Peruvian Navy are understood to have taken the decision to switch to Escribano turrets in accordance with an agreement signed two years ago covering the possibility of joint ventures on system developments that could be sold to third countries.

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