Country Risk

Resignations by Serb mayors in northern Kosovo increase likelihood of de-facto partition and inter-ethnic violence

28 November 2018


On Tuesday (27 November 2018), the mayors of four Serb-majority municipalities in northern Kosovo resigned in protest against the central government's decision to impose a 100% tariff on Serbian imports.

The central government's move was justified on the grounds of Serbia actively lobbying against international recognition of Kosovo as a sovereign state. Goran Rakić, who is one the mayors who resigned and the president of the Serb List (Srpska lista), a Serb minority political party, stated that the local administration would no longer be under Pristina's authority as a result of this decision. The resignation was followed by rallies in Northern Mitrovica, where demonstrators protested not just against the new tariffs, but also the arrest of three suspects in the murder of moderate Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanović in January 2018.

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