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BSVT rolls out production ready Berserk combat UGV

12 November 2018

The Berserk combat UGV seen armed with a pair of 7.62 mm miniguns with an effective range of up to 1,000 m. Source: BVST

Belarussian firm Belspetsvneshtechnika (BSVT) has demonstrated the production-ready version of its Centaur unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) prototype at the 174th training ground of the country's Air Force and Air Defence Forces in early October, Jane's has learnt.

The tracked and weaponised UGV is called the Self-Propelled Robotized System 'Berserk' (SPRS 'Berserk') and can operate as a single unit, or be programmed to work as part of a team to undertake a 24-hour patrol along pre-programmed routes while automatically detecting and tracking objects of interest.

The Berserk is equipped with a suite of four cameras comprising two colour cameras and two thermal imagers (TI) for day/night operations, while its tracks enable it to traverse different types of terrain at speeds of up to 5 km/h.

The UGV has a remote weapon station (RWS) that can be armed with a pair of four-barrelled 7.62 mm GShG Miniguns, which can target airborne targets that are moving at speeds of up to 300 km/h at a distance of 1 km. The RWS can traverse 360° in the azimuth with an elevation of -5 to 50°.

The weapon is manufactured by KBP Instrument Design Bureau, Tula, and is driven by an electric motor, enabling a standard rate of fire of 6,000 rds/min, although this can be lowered to 3,500 rds/min to conserve ammunition. It features a muzzle velocity of 850 m/s with a claimed effective range of up to 1,000 m.

The guidance/targeting system comprises two daylight TV and two thermal imaging (TI) cameras that enable the operator to identify human-sized objects at a distance of 2,000 m, armoured vehicles at 6,000 m and helicopters out to 10,000 m. Targets can be detected, identified, and selected by neural-networking analysis.

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