As easy as ABC [ID18D3]

09 November 2018

Cleaning the barrel of a cannon cannot be easier than the automatic bore cleaner (ABC System) developed by South Korea’s SooSung Defense Industries (SDI; Hall D, Stand D240I).

Unlike the manual method of using a steel brush at the end of a long pole pulled by a number of personnel, the ABC System provides a clean result in a short period of time. It requires only one operator, who can do the job from outside or inside the tank, which further enhances the safety of personnel, especially in hostile or NBC-contaminated environments.

Small steel brushes clipped into the outer surface of the ABC cleaner lock into each groove of the barrel. When the operation starts, the cleaner unit is pulled along the entire length of the barrel at the rate of about 2m per minute, all the while spraying cleaning lubricant as it follows the curve. Afterwards the steel brushes are replaced with cotton brushes for a perfect clean. This ensures high shooting accuracy and maximum utilisation of barrel life, because the automatic cleaning process leaves no residue.

For the 105mm smoothbore, the process is essentially the same. The ABC system is available for a range of calibres, including RB-76 and RB-127 navy guns, RB-155 artillery barrels and RB-105 smoothbore tank guns.

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