All fired up [ID18D3]

09 November 2018

The Spanish Everis Aerospace and Defense and New Technologies Global Systems (NGTS) Alakran 120mm Light Mortar Carrier (LMC) is being shown at Indo Defence by IndoCertes (Hall B, Stand B032) and is due to remain in the country for firing trials later this year.

The Alakran 120mm LMC has been designed to be integrated onto any platform with a payload of 1.5 tonnes and is being shown here at Indo Defence fitted to a Toyota Land Cruiser (4x4).

The 120mm smooth mortar is mounted on the rear of the platform and lowered to the ground through the rear arc using a low-maintenance electropneumatic system, so that when fired, the recoil force is absorbed by the ground rather than the platform.

To lay the mortar onto the target, an electromechanical system is used with a manual back-up in case of power failure. Traverse arc is 2,130 mils, while elevation is 800-1,600 mils and there is automatic aiming after every shot fired.

Trials have shown that the Alakran takes 30 seconds to come into action and, once a fire mission has been completed, it can be laid onto a new target in five seconds. When the fire mission is completed, it takes just 15 seconds to come out of action and redeploy to another fire position, which makes it highly survivable.

Maximum stated rate of fire is 12 rounds/min, with 4 rounds/min in the sustained fire role and with 40 rounds of 120mm mortar bomb carried.

When fitted with a 120mm smoothbore mortar with a barrel length of 180cm, the maximum range is being quoted as 8,250m. It could also be fitted with a 120mm rifled barrel or even a 81mm NATO or Russian 82mm mortar barrel. A computerised fire control system with a flat-panel display shows its own location, as well as the location of the targets.

An undisclosed export customer has already placed a contract for 100 Alakran LMC systems integrated onto a Toyota Land Cruiser 70, with deliveries well underway.

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