French flair [ID18D3]

09 November 2018

With navies around the world actively engaged in or planning modernisation of their fleets, Naval Group of France (Hall D, Stand D180) is showcasing its high-technology solutions at Indo Defence this week.

The Gowind corvette is suited to navies looking for a complete combat and multimission vessel for protection of the nation’s sovereignty, naval defence and maritime security operations.

The type has already been selected by Malaysia and Egypt, with the former having just laid down the fourth Maharaja Lela-class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) on order for the Royal Malaysian Navy at the Boustead Naval Shipyard (BNS) in Lumut, Perak.

The design of Malaysia’s LCS is derived from the Gowind 2500 corvette. According to a recent Jane’s report, Naval Group is providing technical assistance to BNS for the programme under a technology transfer agreement. The first of class was launched in August 2017.

Providing the capabilities of a frigate, the multimission surface combatant displaces 3,000 tonnes at its top speed of 28kt, and has a standard range of 5,000 nautical miles (9,260km) at 16kt.

The launch of the Port Said Gowind corvette, the first warship built in Egypt, took place in September this year. While representing a big success for the Alexandria Shipyard team, it also reflects the effectiveness of Naval Group’s industrial co-operation schemes.

This is further underscored by the transfer earlier this year of the first Scorpene Brazilian Navy submarine to the main building of the construction site in Itaguaí in Sepetiba Bay, Brazil, where the Brazilian authorities took acceptance of the three sections of the submarine.

The Scorpene, of which Naval Group has sold 14 to date, is capable of all types of missions, including surface vessel warfare, antisubmarine warfare, long-range strikes, special operations and intelligence gathering.

Stealthy and fast, it is equipped with weapon launching tubes and various weapons, including missiles and mines.

The company is also displaying other capabilities, such as the Belharra frigate and the F21 heavy torpedo. The Belharra frigate is the new combat ship for naval supremacy and crisis management. As a compact frigate, it is able to perform a broad range of missions either standalone or as part of a task force.

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