Panoramic surveillance [ID18D3]

09 November 2018

The Russian concern Shvabe (Hall A, Stand A195) is now marketing its latest PPNK commander's panoramic surveillance device on the export market to provide main battle tank (MBT) commanders with an enhanced surveillance and target acquisition capability.

According to the contractor, the stabilised PPNK sight has a maximum detection and recognition range of 3,500m. The thermal channel has four fields of view, which are surveillance (24 x 18°), wide (9 x 6.75°), narrow (3 x 2.25°) and electronic zooming (1.5 x 1.12°).

The PPNK sighting system weighs around 70kg and covers an elevation arc from -15 to +65°. It is run from a 22 to 29V power supply.

The company stated that in addition to being installed on MBTs, it can be installed on BMP series infantry fighting vehicles and BMD airborne assault vehicles to enhance their capability. Many of the older Russian MBTs are fitted with image intensification sights, which have limited capabilities with regard to range.

Thermal sighting systems can detect and recognise targets at much longer ranges in all weathers, so therefore provide a significant enhancement to a platform's capability.

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