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Iran shows engagement radar for Talash air-defence system

08 November 2018

The engagement radar (possibly the Ofogh) for a Talash system is seen between two Sayyad-2 SAM launchers and a Kavosh surveillance radar. Source: Tasnim News Agency

The clearest images to date of the target engagement radar used with the new Talash air-defence system were released during Iran's 'Defenders of the Velayat Skies 97' exercise.

The Talash is an Iranian system that uses the Sayyad-2 surface-to-air missile (SAM), which resembles the RIM-66 (SM-1) shipborne SAM that is in service with the Iranian navy. The Iranian military announced in November 2013 that the Sayyad-2 had entered production, describing it as a medium-range, high-altitude missile without releasing any figures.

Although photographs and video footage of Sayyad-2s being launched were subsequently released, its target engagement radar, which is reportedly called the Ofogh, has only been seen in parades with its antenna in a folded position.

The images showing the latest exercise showed what appeared to be a complete Talash fire unit with two launchers and an engagement radar that had a circular reflector antenna that resembled - but was not identical to - the AN/SPG-51 that was used with the RIM-66 on many warships, most of which have now been retired.

While the Iranian navy acquired SM-1s, it has never operated any ships with the AN/SPG-51 as the US cancelled the delivery of the four Kidd-class destroyers that it ordered after the 1979 Iranian revolution.

The surveillance radar seen with the Talash battery was an Iranian vehicle-mounted Kavosh version of the AN/MPQ-50 pulse acquisition radar used with its Mersad derivative of the MIM-23 Hawk SAM system.

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