A name to remember [ID18D2]

07 November 2018

Ever since Beretta Defense Technologies (BDT) (Hall D, Stand D152) brought together some of the world’s most recognisable names in weaponry and equipment in a strategic alliance, the company has continued to broaden its military and law enforcement solutions.

The company’s flagship products include the ARX100 tactical semi-automatic rifle, designed to take the concept of a modular rifle to futuristic levels. Ultra-reliable with ambidextrous controls and an easily replaceable barrel, it offers virtually endless possibilities for customisation, according to BDT. The ARX100 is adaptable to any firing scenario and is well suited for today’s most demanding tactical shooter.

Together with TWorx Ventures, Beretta is now offering the ARX Intelligent Rail, which allows accessories to be attached directly to the rail to charge, instead of carrying extra batteries. In this way, the rail enables the soldier to be self-sustaining for a defined period to successfully carry out an assigned mission.

Beretta recently announced the .50 BMG calibre Corvus long-range bolt-action rifle from Victrix Armaments. With the acquisition of renowned Italian brand Victrix Armaments, which offers solutions in the field of precision bolt-action rifles and related technologies, BDT now has a true “hard hitting” sniper and anti-materiel rifle for extreme long-range engagements.

Beretta states that the 15kg Corvus is one of the most accurate, light and compact rifles in its category. It provides a 0.5 MOA (minutes of angle) accuracy at 1,000m in a compact package. Complemented by several new safety features, the Corvus was designed for any challenging combat environment. It expands the already broad range of precision rifles marketed by Beretta and will complement the line of Sako and Tikka rifles from BDT.

BDT comprises Benelli, Sako, Steiner and Beretta, founded in 1526, making it the oldest firearms factory in the world. Through 15 generations of the Beretta family, this successful company has exported its quality weaponry to more than 100 countries worldwide.

It is no exaggeration to say that in BDT resides centuries of experience. Benelli has an enviable reputation for tactical semi-automatics, rifles and pump-action shotguns, while Sako of Finland is widely regarded as a pioneer of sniper rifles and quality ammunition. The German firm Steiner is one of the most advanced manufacturers of military binoculars and rifle scopes in the world.

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