See without being seen [ID18D2]

07 November 2018

To undertake passive surveillance without alerting neighbouring nations, the Vera-NG system from Czech company ERA (Hall A, Stand A320) is worthwhile considering.

According to the company, the proven passive electronic support measure Vera-NG uses advanced techniques to conduct cross-border long-term and long-range surveillance: in effect it “sees without being seen”.

Jane’s reported earlier this year that the Indonesian Armed Forces had acquired the Vera-NG system to provide early warning and strengthen defences around its Ranai air base in the South China Sea. This followed a selection process in 2017, with installation and verification to be completed during 2018.

Vera-NG has a range capability of 400km, with high-capacity real-time tactical 3D geolocation, tracking and identification of airborne, naval and surface targets. It provides 200 real-time tracks that can be compared against a library of 10,000 targets. The system is available in stationary or high-mobility transportable versions for land or sea application. ERA indicates that it can be assigned for passive surveillance, early warning and air defence missions, using onboard emitters as targets.

The covert system is passive, because it emits no electromagnetic energy, making it invisible to anti-radar missile systems. The sensors are placed on masts, lightweight tripods or quadpods, and can be easily transported by general-purpose vehicles.

In conjunction with the University of Defence in Brno, the company has also built a simulator consisting of consoles for trainee operators and instructors, a central processing station and receiving universal military module. The Vera-NG simulator allows trainees to gain experience in using the advanced system without having an impact on operational missions.

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