Aiming NORA [ID18D2]

07 November 2018

Yugoimport (Hall D, Stand D030) is emphasising its extensive current weapons portfolio, which includes small arms, armoured vehicles, artillery up to 155mm in calibre and a complete range of artillery rocket systems (ARSs).

Its NORA B-52 K1 155mm/52 calibre self-propelled (SP) artillery system has been built in significant numbers for the home and export markets. It is based on a KAMAZ 8x8 cross-country chassis, with the fully protected cab at the front and the protected turret armed with the 155mm/52 calibre ordnance mounted on a turntable at the rear. To provide a more stable firing platform, hydraulically operated outriggers are deployed either side before the turret is unlocked and traversed into the firing position. A total of 36 x 155mm projectiles and associated charges are carried - 12 are ready to use and 24 are in reserve.

The maximum range depends on the 155mm projectile type and charge, but Yugoimport is quoting 42km when firing a 155mm Extended Range Full Bore Base Bleed (ERFB-BB) high-explosive (HE) projectile and 60km when firing an ERFB-BB Rocket Assisted (RA) HE projectile.

The system can rapidly come into action and carry out a fire mission as it is fitted with an onboard computerised fire control system (FCS), which is coupled to a land navigation system and an automatic gun-laying system.

A muzzle velocity radar is mounted above the 155mm/52 calibre ordnance, which feeds information into the onboard FCS. An auxiliary power unit is fitted, which enables all the main subsystems to be run with the main diesel engine switched off.

Currently undergoing firing trials is the latest Aleksandar 155mm/52 calibre SP artillery system, which uses the same KAMAZ 8x8 chassis as the NORA but the ordnance on its turntable is remote-controlled and provided with a ready-use magazine with 12 rounds of 155mm ammunition. This version is being marketed with a standard 23-litre chamber, which meets the NATO Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), or a larger 25-litre chamber, which gives an increase in range.

The KAMAZ 8x8 platform is also used as the basis for the Shumadia ARS, which has four launcher tubes at the rear. These can launch rockets out to a maximum range of 285km using trajectory correction, with a claimed circular error probability of 50m.

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