Firearms quality assured [ID18D2]

07 November 2018

Croatian company HS Produkt (Stand FP112) is an accredited manufacturer of handguns, combat guns and assault rifles. Its most successful product is the HS series of semiautomatic pistols, which is being marketed in the US by Springfield Armory under the XD (eXtreme Duty) brand. HS Produkt signed a long-term marketing contract with Springfield in 2001 and exports some 95 per cent of its products to the US market.

Apart from manufacturing handguns, it also produces the 765mm long VHS assault rifle with a 500mm barrel in the ‘bullpup’ version using 5.56x45mm calibre ammunition, which is the standard service rifle in the Croatian Ministry of Defence. The quality of the company’s products is assured through ISO 9001 certification and the acquisition of a NATO Stock Number.

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