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Brazilian Army receives fewer ASTROS II Mk 6 vehicles than planned

08 November 2018

The Brazilian Army is to receive five fewer Artillery SaTuration ROcket System (ASTROS) II Mk 6 vehicles than planned under the ASTROS 2020 Army Strategic Program (Prg EE ASTROS 2020), receiving 45 vehicles instead of 50.

Twenty-nine Mk 6 vehicles have already been inducted, while authorisation to purchase a further 16 has recently been given. Forty vehicles will equip the army's 16th Missiles and Rockets Group (16º GMF), which is being stood up in Formosa, Goiás state.

The 16º GMF will consist of three batteries, each equipped with 13 Mk 6 vehicles comprising six 6×6 AV-LMU launcher vehicles equipped with the AV-PLM multiple launch platform; three 6×6 AV-RMD ammunition resupply vehicles; a 6×6 AV-UCF fire control vehicle equipped with a Rheinmetall Fieldguard 3 radar; a 6×6 AV-OFVE workshop vehicle; a 4×4 AV-MET meteorological vehicle; and a 4×4 AV-PCC battery command-and-control (C2) post.

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