Highly effective solution [ID18D1]

06 November 2018

Being showcased here at Indo Defence for the first time are the first two examples of the Medium Tank (MT), which has been jointly developed over a four-year period by FNSS Savunma Sitermieri of Turkey (Stand A050D) and PT Pindad of Indonesia (Hall B, Stand B345) to meet the operational requirements of the Indonesian Army.

Formal qualification tests started in July and were complete in August in Indonesia. Three phases were conducted, comprising mine tests, endurance and firing trials.

The mine tests were carried out on an MT hull and were successfully completed in July, according to FNSS. The endurance tests were carried out in Java from 6-16 August, during which the vehicle travelled almost 2,000km on the western part of the island and was put through its paces in various types of terrain and under difference climatic conditions. Firing tests were carried out in Bandung between 25 and 27 August, during which the MT successfully engaged moving targets while the platform was also moving.

The MT is fitted with the latest CMI Defence Cockerill 3105 turret, which is armed with a high-pressure 105mm rifled gun that can fire various natures of NATO standard 105mm ammunition. The 105mm gun is fed by a bustle-mounted automatic loader, which has enabled the turret crew to be reduced to commander and gunner. The turret is also armed with a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

The computerised fire control system enables the MT to successfully engage stationary and moving targets while the platform is moving.

The commander's roof-mounted stabilised sight enables hunter/killer target engagements.

Main battle tanks today commonly weigh 60 tonnes or more, which can limit their mobility on existing road networks; the new MT is much lighter and therefore more deployable.

According to K Nail Kurt, general manager and CEO of FNSS, "Medium Tank will be a highly effective solution in today's conditions of asymmetric warfare. The vehicle meets all of the requirements of an easy and rapid positioning, high-mobility, low-visibility, high-firepower and cost-effective medium weight tank."

It is expected that Indonesia will place a minimum initial contract for 44 unites for the MT for the Indonesian Army.

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