MMP evaluated in high temperatures [ID18D1]

06 November 2018

MBDA (Hall D, Stand D210) has confirmed that the French Army carried out a successful evaluation of its Missile Moyenne Portée (MMP) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) in Djibouti between August and September 2018, which proved its ability to operate in a desert environment.

MMP is the replacement for the MILAN and the US Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin ATGM currently deployed by French infantry units. The first French Army MMP contract covers the supply of 400 firing posts and 2,850 missiles.

MMP ATGM consists of the missile in its disposable launch tube and the firing post, which contains the Safran electro-optical package that includes a TV/cooled infrared sensor with three selectable fields of view: large (x4 magnification), intermediate (x12 magnification) and narrow (x18 magnification). The firing post also includes an embedded global positioning system, digital magnetic compass and a laser rangefinder sensor assembly.

The MMP is fitted with a tandem multipurpose high-explosive anti-tank to defeat targets fitted with explosive reactive armour, but the operator can also select an anti-infantry mode for maximum blast and anti-personnel effect.

MMP has a maximum range of more than 4,000m, but reached 5,000m during recent demonstrations. MBDA is also studying a longer range version called the MLP, which is one of the potential contenders for the Tiger Mk 3 attack helicopter.

The operator can select one of two modes of operation: lock-on-before-launch, which is the fire and forget mode; and lock-on-after-launch, which is with the human-in-the-loop for non-line of-sight target engagement.

Two MMPs are integrated into the right side of the turret of the Jaguar (6x6) reconnaissance vehicle, with an additional two MMPs in reserve for manual loading. The first firings from the Jaguar are due early in 2019, according to MBDA. The Jaguar is also armed with a 40mm Case Telescoped Armament System and roof-mounted 7.62mm remote weapon station.

Although originally developed for land operations, it was revealed at the recent Euronaval exhibition held at Le Bourget that the MMP also has a naval application following a successful launch from a rigid-hulled inflatable boat moving at high speed. For fast patrol boat applications, a stabilised turret with four protected MMP in the firing position is being proposed.

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