Proportionate use of force [ID18D1]

06 November 2018

The use of non-lethal technologies permits law enforcement agencies to adopt the principle of the proportional use of force in situations of conflict and public disorder, whose central objective is to reduce lethality, permanent injury and damage to property. Brazil’s Condor Non-Lethal Technologies (Hall B, Stand B46), a pioneer in non-lethal technologies, is presenting its extensive portfolio of some 150 products with applicability to armed forces, police forces and the Peace Corps of the United Nations. Its nonlethal products have been exported to some 50 countries in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

Highlighted are two of its latest products, the Precision and NT-901 ammunitions. Precision is claimed to be the most accurate rubber gauge in the world at a distance of 20-30m, which allows security forces to combat violence more efficiently and with less lethality. Precision ammunition can be used on any 12-gauge weapon.

NT-901 40mm/NATO standard (foam) ammunition was developed for the purpose of stopping and/or dispersing protesters by means of controlled and highly intimidating impact effects. This ammunition is part of the 40mm projectile family, which offers the law enforcement agent options for a wide range of operational scenarios. There are 13 different types with the same calibre, offering operational flexibility, cost-effectiveness, easy identification and precision, including: foam, CS foam, powdery foam for training, colour smoke, explosive light and sound by delay and impact, parachute illuminator, and warning cartridge.

Also part of its portfolio are oleoresin capsicum/CS and smoke munition; pyrotechnics; rubber grenades, including indoor, outdoor, teargas, impact and smoke; and tactical and special operational kits.

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