Having control [ID18D1]

06 November 2018

Malaysia-based ARS Sejahtera (Hall B, Stand BP141) is offering its TACCOMS C4 system, which was designed to allow a team leader to have complete command and control of his team during tactical operations.

According to the company, TACCOMS is an integrated solution for command, control, communication and co-ordination (C4) capability using multiple clients on Android linked to a Windows server.

Although developed in Malaysia with all source codes available and easily customisable, it counts among its key benefits the fact that the design and development were based on TÜV Rheinland international standards.

While able to monitor the location and health of each team member at all times, it can direct team members to different target locations individually or in a group. The system also provides live video and photographs.

Hardware requirements include a low-spec Android device and low-spec Windows server (Windows 7 and above). Compatible with a Windows touch tablet, it can also integrate a smart glass head-up display (HUD), wrist-worn Android HUD and push to talk (PTT), heart monitor and bone conduction headset.

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