Jam to protect [ID18D1]

06 November 2018

Countering the threat to convoys and personnel of remote-controlled improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs) poses a challenge, for which South Africa-based GEW Technologies (Hall B, Stand B83) has a solution: its flagship GMJ9 multirole jammer for convoy protection and the GMJ9000 man-portable system.

In a recent demonstration in South Africa to military attachés from around the world, the company put these systems through their paces in an interactive simulated threat scenario. The next-generation GMJ9 convoy protection system uses reactive and adaptive waveform jamming technology to suppress multiple simultaneous trigger signals anywhere in the RF spectrum. According to GEW, the GMJ9 offers multiple roles in convoy protection, as the same platform can be used for a variety of missions in a stand-in or stand-off communications jammer.

The company believes manufacturers of armoured personnel carriers would do well to integrate the GMJ9 as a standard solution.

The GMJ9000 portable jammer was designed to protect man-on-the-move personnel from RCIED threats. RCIEDs are triggered by radio signals from devices such as cellphones, radios and satellite phones. GEW Technologies has applied the latest RF and digital signal synthesis technology to suppress remote activation signals and this system is able to jam multiple threats simultaneously. The effective jamming range and high portability of the man-pack solutions make this family of jammers particularly suitable for individual and patrol protection, as well as soldier-carried communications jamming missions.

After 50 years of providing detection and protection capabilities to the military and civil sectors, GEW Technologies has just been consolidated with Hensoldt’s optronics subsidiary in South Africa.

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