Innovative barrier [ID18D1]

06 November 2018

The Moscow-based Russian company Polus-ST (Stand BP128) has been providing autonomous perimeter security solutions for about 15 years, writes Sam J Basch.

Its latest innovation, the Radiobarrier CSS perimeter security system, has successfully protected and secured more than 7,000km of state borders, 3,500km of pipelines and infrastructure, and approach routes to some 500 sensitive facilities in 25 countries.

The Radiobarrier CSS is lightweight and compact, and comprises detection devices based on different physical principles of operation. Each set may include up to 20 devices, including a receiver, cameras and repeaters. Its control unit enables full remote control, as well as alarm and service data to be transmitted via a two-way secure radio channel. The easy-to-use surveillance tool can be set up around assets in a matter of minutes. Flexible and ergonomic, it provides force protection, fulfils reconnaissance missions and creates temporary perimeters.

An important advantage is that it can be used both as a standalone and self-contained solution for large perimeters and as an integrated part of multi-layered systems.

Deploying Radiobarrier as an early warning detection system gives security personnel time to safely react to potential threats.

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