Infantry Weapons

Raytheon discloses Excalibur capability enhancements

21 October 2018

Raytheon Missile Systems is advancing a series of transformative capability enhancements for the 155 mm M982A1 Excalibur 1b precision-guided artillery projectile.

The standard M982 Excalibur is an extended-range guided projectile that uses a combination of a high glide ratio lifting body airframe and tightly coupled GPS/inertial measuring unit (GPS/IMU) guidance to achieve ranges of up to 40 km from the M109A7 Paladin with a circular error probable (CEP) of less than 2 m. Excalibur is fully qualified in multiple artillery systems, including the M777, M198, the Archer and PzH2000. It has also been with the AS90, K9 and G6 howitzers.

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