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Rosgvardiya tests new Kalashnikov firearms

16 October 2018

Kalashnikov says its Izhmash Mechanical Plant will launch serial production of the PL-15 pistol. Source: Kalashnikov

The Rosgvardiya, Russia's national guard, is testing new small arms designed by Rostec's Kalashnikov Group, a military source has told Jane's .

"The Rosgvardiya has started the operational evaluation and testing of the newest Kalashnikov AK-200 series of assault rifles, which is replacing the venerable AK-100 family. The service is also testing the Lebedev PL-15 9 mm (Para) pistol developed by the Kalashnikov Group," the source said.

A Kalashnikov representative told Jane's , "In 2019, Izhmash [Mechanical Plant, a Kalashnikov subsidiary] will launch serial production of the [PL-15] pistol".

The Rosgvardiya has already received an initial batch of AK-200-family 5.45 mm firearms. "The service has procured 476 AK-200 (6P34-1) 5.45 mm assault rifles and 60 AK-205 (6P47-1) 5.45 mm carbines," the military source said, adding that the Rosgvardiya was also considering the acquisition of AK-200-family firearms chambered for 7.62×39, i.e., the AK-203 assault rifle and AK-204 carbine.

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