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Denel launches new RCG30 remotely operated turret

10 October 2018

Mechatronics has developed the RCG30 turret using the already tested GI-30 cannon. Source: Denel

The Mechatronics business unit of South Africa's Denel Vehicle Systems has developed a remotely operated turret armed with the Denel Land Systems 30×173 mm GI-30 cam-operated cannon and a coaxial 7.62 mm machine gun.

The RCG30 provides full day/night operation, is fully stabilised for firing on the move, and can be reloaded and serviced by the crew from inside the vehicle.

The cannon has an effective range of 3 km and has demonstrated its accuracy in the Denel Land Systems two-crew Modular Combat Turret fitted to the South African Army's new Badger infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) and the Malaysian Army's Pars IFV.

The RCG30 weighs approximately 2,000 kg depending on the protection level, which is scalable, and the subsystems that are fitted. It does not protrude inside the vehicle, has a height of no more than 950 mm, and is less than 1.8 m wide. It can elevate its weapons from -10° to 30°.

The cannon's dual-feed ammunition system holds 15+25 rounds and takes less than three minutes to reload. The machine gun has 800 rounds of ready-use ammunition.

The gunner station is inside the hull of the vehicle and comprises a hand controller, a control panel, and a display for the sight picture, which is integrated with the ballistic computer. The fire-control system has back-up power in the event of the vehicle's main power supply failing.

The RCG30 uses the Denel-Thales Above-Armour Panoramic Gunner Sight (AAPGS), which provides a day video image, a thermal video image, and a laser rangefinder. Both the day and thermal cameras have continuous zoom from a field-of-view of 22.5° to 1.25° and allow target identification at ranges of 4,000 m and 3,100 m respectively. The rangefinder is effective out to 15,000 m.

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