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Turkmenistan parades Al Shibl APCs

02 October 2018

Turkmenistan paraded what appear to be newly acquired Al Shibl 4×4 APCs on 27 September. Source: Via The state news agency of Turkmenistan - Turkmenistan today

Turkmenistan has displayed what appear to be newly acquired Al Shibl 2 wheeled armoured personnel carriers (APCs) in a parade to mark the country's Independence Day on 27 October.

Each of the eight Al Shibl 2s shown in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat was armed with what appeared to be a .50 calibre Browning M2 HB heavy machine gun in a roof-mounted protected weapon station.

The 4×4 vehicles, which are manufactured in Saudi Arabia, are designed to provide protected mobility for military personnel in low-intensity combat environments such as during patrol and reconnaissance missions, according to Jane's Land Warfare Platforms: Armoured Fighting Vehicles .

The Al Shibl 2, which weighs 4.6 tonnes, has a longer wheelbase (3.18 m) than the Al Shibl 1 (2.31 m). That said, the vehicle, which has a top speed of 120 km/h, is powered by the same 228 hp engine as the Al Shibl 1.

In addition to its crew of three, the vehicle can carry six fullyequipped troops. The Toyota Land Cruiser chassis is fitted with an all-welded steel armour body that provides the occupants with NATO STANAG 4569 Level K1 (5.56/7.62 mm NATO ball) protection against small arms fire, but higher protection levels are available, according to the manufacturer.

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