Naval Weapons

French Navy set to receive MM40 Block 3C Exocet

02 October 2018

The French Navy is to start receiving an upgraded version of the MBDA MM40 Block 3 Exocet anti-ship missile from 2019, Jane’s has learned.

Known as MM40 Block 3C, the latest marque introduces a new coherent active radio frequency (RF) seeker as the centrepiece of a ‘digitised’ guidance and navigation package. Coherent radar brings significant improvements in target selectivity and electronic counter-countermeasures performance.

Beginning deliveries in the late 2000s, the MM40 Block 3 variant of Exocet introduced air-breathing propulsion to increase range out to 200 km (the Safran Microturbo TR-40/263 turbojet replacing the solid-rocket sustainer used previously), GPS-aided navigation, and a new launch and mission planning infrastructure.

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