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NEMO Container completes on-the-move firing trials

28 September 2018

Patria has completed on-the-move firing trials for its NEMO Container 120 mm mortar system, with system testing to shortly move on to the shipboard trials.

Patria officials told Jane’s that the system fired over 300 rounds during a week of testing, with the container mounted on a Sisu E13 TP 8×8 vehicle.

The Patria NEMO Container during on-the-move firing trials. (Patria)The Patria NEMO Container during on-the-move firing trials. (Patria)

The officials noted only a small reduction in the rate of fire between the static and on-the-move tests, due to the adjusting of the barrel into the firing gate while moving.

The next round of testing will be undertaken from a fast supply vessel in early October. The company will also be testing the system on other truck chassis types in the future once the main trials are completed.

The NEMO Container features a single-barrel 120 mm mortar in a turret that is then mounted on a standard-sized 20 ft ISO container, which allows for increased flexibility in the transportation and mounting of the system on maritime platforms.

The system weighs 10 tonnes when empty and has the capacity to carry 100 mortar bombs. It is crewed by three – two loaders and a gunner – with the latter doubling as the commander. The mortar elevates from –3° to +85° and can engage targets up to 10 km away. The system has a rate of fire of up to 10 rds/min, and has the capability to undertake direct and indirect fire missions as well as to perform multiple-round simultaneous-impact fires.

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