Russian Navy fires Bastion in the Arctic

27 September 2018

A Bastion mobile coastal defence missile system launching an Oniks missile in the Arctic. Source: Russian MoD

The Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy has involved the Bastion-P SS-C-5 ‘Stooge’ mobile coastal defence missile system in an exercise in the Arctic for the first time, a military source has told Jane’s .

“A Northern Fleet task force on Kotelny Island, the New Siberian Islands, has used the Bastion [missile system] during an exercise in the Arctic for the first time, striking a sea surface target 60 km away with Oniks SS-N-26 ‘Strobile’ missiles,” the source said, without disclosing the number of the Bastions involved in the exercise. The target was imitating a naval task force in the Laptev Sea, he said.

The source added that the Bastion system “was delivered to Kotelny Island via sea transport”.

The Bastion-P system, the Oniks missiles of which are supersonic, has augmented the Rubezh SSC-3 ‘Styx’ coastal anti-ship missile systems operated by the Northern Fleet.

More generally the Russian Navy’s Coastal Troops are being rearmed in accordance with a new two-tier concept that comprises both the Bal SSC-6 ‘Sennight’ and Bastion mobile coastal defence missile systems. “The Bal maintains tactical defence of the coast, while the Bastion engages targets at longer ranges,” the source said.

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