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DVD 2018: MBDA teams with Kongsberg to integrate MMP onto remote weapon stations

21 September 2018

A Kongsberg M153 Protector remote weapon station at DVD 2018 sporting an MMP anti-tank missile. Source: IHS Markit/Mark Cazalet

European missile house MBDA demonstrated a proof-of-concept mounting for the Missile Moyenne Port?e (MMP) anti-tank guided weapon (ATGW) on a Kongsberg M153 Protector remote weapon station at the DVD 2018 exhibition held in Millbrook, Bedfordshire, on 19-20 September.

The M153 was shown fitted with a single dummy MMP launch tube. An MBDA representative explained that the development had been created as a proof-of-concept to showcase the possibilities of missile integration with Kongsberg’s range of remote weapon stations. The representative stated that mechanical integration of the M153 and MMP system had been achieved, but that the company would await the interest of potential customers in the development before commencing digital integration.

The primary goal of the digital integration would be to allow the missile to be fully aimed and guided using the existing optics and control systems present on Kongsberg remote weapons stations.

The company also displayed a number of conceptual images exploring the option of mounting MMPs in packs of up to four launch tubes on Kongsberg remote weapons stations. This development could provide a relatively simple future firepower upgrade option for current users of Kongsberg remote weapon stations.

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