Africa Aerospace & Defence 2018

A tent for all purposes [AAD18D2]

20 September 2018

Following a United Nations requirement for a tent that can be utilised for disaster management relief situations, South African company Canvas and Tent is launching the All-Purpose Tent at AAD. Exhibiting as part of the South African Technical Textile Cluster at Stand CW9 in Hangar 4, the firm also has an outside display.

The original UNICEF guideline was that the tent had to be lightweight and easy to deploy, as well as equipped with an electrical kit with fully functional air-conditioning and internal and external electrical ports. The whole structure was to consist of two rooms, either to be utilised as sleeping quarters or office space.

The intention was not merely for disaster relief in the sense of accommodating people who had been displaced, but also for the accommodation of personnel.

The Canvas and Tent team soon realised the potential of the product, not solely in the disaster relief environment but also for the military and mining industries.

Part of the driving force behind the military elements of the tent was to create an affordable solution for the African market that would be a product between the Weatherhaven RCS Warrior and the standard, old-style Hip Tents.

Launching the All-Purpose Tent 18 this week affords the opportunity to determine potential clients and markets, the company explained.

Among those identified were two African countries, Angola and Ghana, where the product may soon be piloted. It is also well-suited to the medical field, where structures for biological disaster support are much needed, particularly with the sporadic outbreaks of Ebola.

The product on display here consists of five separated cubicles, each with a different configuration and application. These applications range from sleeping quarters to a medical triage post - showing the possibilities are limited only by the client's imagination.

According to Canvas and Tent, its All-Purpose Tent has become "one of the crown jewels of our product range, hopefully inspiring innovation to all in redeployable shelter solutions".

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