Africa Aerospace & Defence 2018

Wi-Fi for power [AAD18D1]

19 September 2018

Just as consumers insist on wireless power for their electronic devices, so have the military and law enforcement agencies, as well as industry, come to rely on it. South African drone operating company Electra Sky, exhibiting as Drone Volt (Hangar 5, Stand U11), represents a long line of innovative products and solutions, including its drone port, and the WiPo Wireless Power company.

"Besides being the sole Drone Volt representative for large parts of Africa, we develop wireless power solutions, specifically for the use with drones, among other products," said Electra Sky chief executive Deon Rossouw.

In essence, WiPo's Wi-Fi for power allows a large amount of power to be transmitted wirelessly by means of electromagnetic induction. A key advantage is that it is compact and mobile, yet big enough to fit large commercial drones.

"The drone port is a safe enclosure for drones that charges their battery without any intervention, making autonomous drones a reality," said Dr Jaco du Preez, founder and chief executive of WiPo Wireless Power.

The company was established to develop and commercialise wireless power technology, which allows clients to benefit in areas where traditional plug-in cables are undesired or unsafe.

Drone Volt is a French company whose latest drones include the powerful Hercules 20, which is able to lift up to 25kg of a range of payloads. In military, security and civil applications, it carries any type of heavy cameras and sensors, laser scanning or LiDAR equipment for data acquisition.

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