MBDA offers surface-launched Brimstone to Poland

17 September 2018

MBDA is offering a palletised surface-launched salvo-fire adaptation of its Brimstone air-to-surface missile for a Polish Armaments Inspectorate stand-off anti-armour requirement. Source: MBDA

MBDA is proposing a palletised surface-launched salvo-fire adaptation of its Brimstone air-to-surface missile to address a Polish Armaments Inspectorate requirement for a stand-off anti-armour capability.

The proposal is part of an evolved MBDA missile package competing for two current Armaments Inspectorate anti-armour acquisition programmes – ‘Pustelnik’ and ‘Karabela’ – to equip the Polish Territorial Defence Forces (Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej – [WOT]) and Polish Army.

Pustelnik provides for a 1.4 km minimum range easy-to-use light anti-armour weapon for the WOT; for this requirement MBDA is offering the Enforcer (KFK) disposable shoulder-launched guided weapon system.

Karabela is effectively a two-tier programme to equip both the WOT and regular Polish Army. The ‘lower’ tier provides for the acquisition of a 4 km range anti-tank guided missile weapon – for vehicle-mounted and dismounted applications – to replace/supplement the in-service Spike LR, and for which MBDA is offering the Missile Moyenne Port?e (MMP); the ‘upper’ tier stipulates an 8 km–10 km anti-armour weapon to equip multiple platforms, including surface-launched, helicopter-launched ‘Kruk’ platforms, light combat aircraft and fast jets: MBDA is offering a Brimstone solution across all platforms.

The specific Brimstone variant for this proposal has not yet been identified, Adrian Monks MBDA sales director in Poland told Jane’s . “Depending on the customer requirement/specification it could be supplied either from the current Brimstone product inventory/line – in which case it could be delivered with 6–12 months from contract – or from the latest Brimstone evolution (Brimstone 3), which is still in development, and therefore would become available further down the line. The bottom line is that the customer is looking for the exact capability that the legacy mmW Brimstone was originally designed for – to engage and neutralise massed armoured threats.”

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