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Argentina’s INVAP develops and tests new ISR platform

13 September 2018

Argentina’s FixView gyro-stabilised turret mounted on a Laviasa PA-25-235 Puelche light aircraft prototype. Source: Santiago Rivas

Argentina’s INVAP has developed a prototype intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) pod mounted on a Laviasa PA-25-235 Puelche light aircraft prototype.

The system consists of a gyro-stabilised turret, developed by local company FixView, that is equipped with a TV camera, infrared camera, and laser rangefinder. It has an onboard computer with software developed by INVAP to process and geo-locate the images.

The prototype aircraft was equipped with a SkyLink HD antenna from Troll Systems that is capable of sending the images and all data in high resolution from up to 100 km away. The antenna’s C100 computer is connected to another computer installed on a front-seat console. A large display is also installed on the console for the system operator to control the turret.

The project was established after the Argentine Security Ministry requested that the capability be tested on the Federal Police’s MBB Bo-105 helicopters operating over Buenos Aires. It is now being tested on a fixed-wing aircraft to make it available for a wider range of platforms. INVAP is also offering it to the Argentine Air Force for its unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) programme.

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